This great benefactor left us Durlston Castle, Purbeck House and the Great Globe.

John Mowlem

Swanage was the birthplace of two emminent Victorians, a Liberal politician and an author/historian, all with their roots in the stone trade .

John Mowlem 1788 - 1868

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He left Swanage to set up business as a stone merchant at Pimlico Wharf (1822) and made his fortune in Victorian London.

Mowlem and his wife had no children, he took his wife's nephew, George Burt, into his business in 1835.

Burt became a partner in 1844 together with his brother in law Joseph Freeman.

The firm John Mowlem & Co would go on to be an internationally known company.

George Burt 1816 - 1894

Find out more about the man Thomas Hardy, the famous Dorset author and poet, named the "King of Swanage".  

George Burt

Sir Stephen Collins M.P. 1847 - 1925
This former quarry boy, like Mowlem before him left Swanage and travelled to London to make his fortune.

He became M.P. for Lambeth Kennington on January 12th 1906 until December 14th 1918.  He was a staunch Liberal, a devoted Congregationalist and a keen temperance reformer.

William Masters Hardy 1836 - 1921

William Masters Hardy was born in Swanage.  By profession he was a builder, he re-erected many of the old London landmarks Burt bought back to the town.  He was also a historian and an author.

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William Masters Hardy