harry chinchen
stone masons

The Stone Trade was for many years the principle industry in Swanage.  Find out why Purbeck Stone was shipped to London and the south east in vast quantities during the 18th and 19th centuries.

brannon litho

King George III's great enjoyment of sea bathing influenced the development of Swanage  as a fashionable health resort and "watering place".

With the coming of the railway the Victorians arrived in Swanage in great numbers to enjoy the clean air and the new fashion of 'sea bathing'.  Known as one of the sunniest towns on the south coast, Swanage changed from a stone port to a flourishing seaside resort.

As the town grew to accommodate the visitors so did commerce.  Station Road, Institute Road and the High Street were full of thriving shops and businesses.  Souvenir shops offered visitors all kinds of gifts, trinkets and postcards as momentoes of their visit to Swanage.

A Savage Shop